Great SoCal road trips for the family

If you live in Southern California, you are lucky. As a side note, I think it’s important that you know that my family lives in Boston, and they have been buried in over seven feet of snow in the last month! For those of us that live here in sunny California, we can’t fathom such a state of affairs. Sure, we have world class skiing and snowboarding within a few hours’ drive from Downtown Los Angeles, but thankfully, we don’t have to live that reality every day, all day. In order to feel momentarily superior and great about where you live, check this out.

Nearly 25in of snow fell on Boston on Friday night

This tantalizing image of snow will kick off our Southern California road trip tour and take us to Mammoth Mountain. At just five hours away from Los Angeles, this haven for snow bunnies and thrill seekers is perfect for any winter enthusiast, and is easily accessible with a brand new, 2015, hybrid Nissan Pathfinder. With competitive fuel efficiency that makes it especially attractive and myriad high-end features designed for your comfort and happiness, a rugged road trip in this “tank with a conscience” is a joy for whoever is driving and all of the passengers. With minimal maneuvering, you can even take the family dog! If you’re heading up Mammoth way, you might want to consider getting chains for your tires, as they often have huge snow storms that make driving difficult.

DTLA 2-2

If you’re like my parents, the last thing you want to see in California is an intimate view of snow. Don’t fear, there are more exciting road trips that begin in Los Angeles than you could shake a stick at. Wine Country is a personal favorite of mine. Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez are stunning destinations for the romantic couple or the food and wine enthusiast. You probably won’t need something so rugged as a Pathfinder, and I recommend the Nissan Sentra. It’s a beautiful sedan, loaded with all of the furnishings for safety and luxury which makes it a perfect getaway car. The best thing about it is the way it drives. It is so responsive and smooth that minute you turn the key and start the ignition, you’ll feel like you’re driving on clouds, which is perfect for the long, windy mountain roads that will take you to your destination. If you’re in the market for a new car or truck, get online and go to either Cerritos Nissan or to find the car of your dreams.

DTLA 2-3

The last road trip that I feel compelled to share with you is one that takes you along the Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur. You will drive through quaint towns of towering red wood trees, and seemingly every turn off offers a view created specifically for a post card. It is probably the most beautiful drive I’ve ever been on, and each time I take it, I discover something new.

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