Trend You Should Follow On Car Boards


No real surprise that marketing studies show a big and continued spike in interest in car blogs, car review sites and discussion forums.

Lively, outspoken online communities can virtually widen your knowledge base by a hundredfold by providing first-hand tips on the vehicle, truck or SUV your thinking about buying, and provide extra muscle in negotiating the final purchase price.

What exactly are current owners saying with that new or used make or model? Join the fray and acquire expert been-there advice with internet car forums now in progress within the U.S. and worldwide:

Automotive – One of many largest online communities available with separate forums specific to American or European makes and models, related Q&A, technical discussions, car rumors, news & video.

Edmunds Automotive Forums – Get tips & information on getting a good deal including owner reports, safety issues, fuel useage, troubleshooting, performance & value reviews by make or model including hybrids, classic convertibles and carspickups, convertibles and SUVs and more. – Another huge community with easily searchable car and boards reviews by make or model, discussions on domestic vs foreign makes, audio system troubleshooting advice, plus the latest news, picture galleries, related video.

Car Forums at – Learn from experience about the best car to buy, figure out the latest on who got a great deal (and who got ripped off), demand car dealer recommendations in your neighborhood, read buyer reviews plus more on general care & maintenance with specific discussions on used cars, trucks, SUV’s and sedans.

Backfires – Car and Driver Forums – This is the official social network of your popular print magazine with a wide community of car enthusiasts discussing mid-size and compactscompacts, luxury and sports pickups, minivans and cars, user’s road tests, FAQ.

Car Forums – Enjoy it says, with active discussions on American domestic (Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet), European (Mercedes, BMW, VW and Audi Volvo) and Asian models (Mazda, Nissan and Honda Mitsubishi), with more on 4x4s, SUVs & trucks, general maintenance and repair.

Sports Car Forums – Fill ‘er up on information on Peugeots, Porches, Corvettes as well as other hot sports cars including Japanese, Australian and Korean makes and models with owner reports comparison reviews.

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