Worst Cars for Driving on Icy Roads

It’s winter and with that time of year comes the inevitable icy roads and the corresponding fear about driving on these roads. Even in summery climates, there exists a chance for roads to ice over a few times per season. If you live in a place where that doesn’t happen that much, you can just take that opportunity to stay in and catch up on Netflix, but if you live in a place where icy roads are very real – and very often – you need to actually shape your life around this inevitability and get a car that is good in the ice and snow. Pretty much anything 4-wheel drive or even better, AWD like a Subaru, and you can make it through with ease. So that’s easy to know – but what are the worst cars for dealing with icy roads? Let’s explore.

Dodge Charger


The Dodge Charger and its sister the Challenger are excellent cars for many things – driving fast, impressing the type of lady who frequents the Sunset Strip in 1977, and guzzling gas like prices are dropping the way they are dropping. But if you want to handle the icy roads in your hometown, you should steer clear from this rear wheel drive monster. When we checked out the Charger at Dodge Downey, it was a cold and icy day, and we couldn’t even get it out of the parking lot. We should have just stayed home! That said, if you want a cruiser for summer, you can’t go wrong with the Charger – see for yourself at http://mcpeekdodge.com.

15-Passenger Van


We’ll just go with the generic 15-passenger van here. Not only are these things always rear-wheel drive which is the worst for icy situations, but their weight vs size ratio is so bad that you will literally be unable to get up icy hills, or to control yourself as you slide down icy hills. These things have a lot of utility, and usually they are laden with gear or people which will help. But if you are driving the thing around and it’s mostly empty, you are going to be in to a world of slippery sliding hurt. Make sure not to make any plans to tour in the North East if you’re in a band, or do any other project that requires a cargo or passenger van from December through March.



The greatest irony of all time (well maybe not ALL time) is that Volvos, a car that is designed and manufactured in one of the snowiest and coldest first-world places, i.e. Sweden, is so horrendous in the snow. It’s also rear wheel drive (sense a theme?) and is a total failure at traversing snow banks or icy climbs (and climes). These things will last to 300,000 miles or more, and are easy to work on yourself, which makes them popular among manly men in the north east, but the fact remains that when push comes to shove (and it sure will), these things are terrible in bad weather.

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